Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Great Jewelry Gift Ideas for Mother's Day


There’s no denying that women love sparkle and shine, so if you want to impress your mom with a Mother’s Day gift that’s off the charts this year, it’s time to start perusing jewelry in search of the perfect necklace, bracelet, or ring to remind her that having kids was the best decision she ever made.  How can you wow your beloved mother with modern jewelry that’s sure to deliver trendy, yet timeless appeal?  Here are just a few options to give your mom a hint of glamor this Mother’s Day.



Pendant chains never go out of style, and there are options to suit any woman’s taste, from a mini 14 karat gold bar necklace that goes with any outfit, to a pave dome necklacethat elevates the look of everyday ensembles and pairs perfectly with formal fashions.  Of course, if you’re looking for something more suited to mom’s charming personality, why not try a multi charm necklace that begs to be ogled by envious friends?


You might also want to consider the choker trend, which is back in a big way thanks to the recent resurgence in ‘90s retro fashions.  Moms who go minimal on jewelry are likely to appreciate a simple, gold herringbone or figaro link choker, while trendier mothers are sure to prefer a sassy padlock Cuban link choker or even a hanging diamonds choker (get dad to help you splurge on this beauty).



One of the easiest jewelry gifts for mom is a bracelet that shows her particular style and personality.  Is your mom a fun-loving free spirit?  If so, she’ll probably love a leaf bangle or all star pave bracelet that she can pair with other arm candy.


If her tastes tend toward the traditional, opt for a sophisticated chain link bolo bracelet instead.  For the woman who likes to add a little edge to her accessories, consider a colorful rainbow stars bangle cuff or a butterfly bolo bracelet that’s sure to make her stand out from the crowd.



Getting a ring for your mom can be difficult on a couple of levels.  First, you have to know her size, and second, rings are most commonly a romantic gift.  Still, when you take advantage of timely trends (and sneak into mom’s jewelry box to figure out sizing for her index or pinkie finger), you can find a great gift for Mother’s Day.


Consider simple, gold stacking rings that she can wear as a set of several or pair with other slim finger fashions, like classicor pastel rainbow rings.  Looking for something a bit blingier?  How about a pave wrap star ring that shines like the heavens or a fun star spinner band that she can fidget with when she’s thinking deep thoughts?


Finding your mother the perfect piece of jewelry will take some effort – you need to pinpoint her style and get your sizing on point.  However, with help from the trendsetters at Adam Marc Jewels, you’ll have no shortage of options to please the woman who brought you into this world when you celebrate her on Mother’s Day.

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